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The Union – Documentary

The Union MovieDocumentary movie “The Union – The Business of Getting High” points out fantastic points about medical marijuana.  Outlining the benefits of it’s medical uses with tons of patients from all scopes.  Kids with cancer, or adults with aids and even so much more.  These claims are becoming to much to silence, with more and more proof surfacing.

Famous people such as Joe Rogan and Tommy Chong are to leading advocates pushing for the cause.  Bringing to light very logical questions, that have yet to be answered.  Along with shocking evidence on how past studies have been falsely reported.  I urge anyone interested in alternative medicine, or marijuana related options to watch this documentary.

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How to Make Cannabutter

How to make cannabutterCheck out this very useful episode of Cooking with Keira, from Weedmaps TV.  Once you make Cannabutter, you can use it just like any butter, to make cookies, cakes, and other baked goods.  Marijuana edibles are said to be more of a body high, and even fives times stronger.  This does not mean, you will be five times as high, it will just takes five times less consumed to reach your high.  The reason for this, is because when you smoke weed.  Your body reacts to the THC, turning it into delta-9-THC and causing the “high” effect.  But when you eat and digest the plant or cannabutter, it turns the THC into 11-hydroxy-THC.  Some reports say it’s only twice as strong, but recent studies have shown almost five times stronger.  Check out an article high times wrote, about the 10 most potent weed edibles.

One suggestion is to eat a little, then wait 1 full hour as it can creep up on you.  Most times we hear about people having issues, it’s because they where impatient and kept eating more.  You need to learn the batch, as sometimes a half a brownie might be enough.  Other times, it might take 2 brownies, so be smart and just enjoy it!

Almost every marijuana dispensary has edibles, from baked goods to candy and more.  Just be sure to ask the dispensary when ordering your Las Vegas weed delivery.

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Weediquette by VICELAND

weediquette tv showThe show Weediquette is documentary television series airing on Viceland.  Following the host, and Vice correspondent, Krishna Andavolu as he explores weed related topics. In 2014 Andavolu interviewed Uruguayan President Jose Mujica on his farm in Uruguay and smoked a joint during the interview.  The show started taping in 2013, and first aired February 2016 with season one.

Currently season two is in the process of airing, Krishna Andavolu explores whose lives hang in the balance of our new pot paradigm.  Currently more and more states are legalizing marijuana for medical or recreational uses.  This even includes Nevada, and why we are starting to focus on Las Vegas weed delivery services.  So all in all, check out this great show for some great marijuana related topics.  It’s funny and informative, and a great show to watch while smoking pot.

Have fun and enjoy!

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Meet the guy who gets paid to smoke weed

Russ Hudson the weed testerThe story was all the buzz in the past year of 2016, when Vice news did a story about American marijuana consultant Russ Hudson.  He tests the weed for high level dispensaries in Spain, from smell, to looks, flavor, effects, to even the duration of the high. Spain brags about its 300 plus cannabis clubs, that allow people to smoke with or without a license.  Some people are shocked such a job even exists, but expert dispensaries rely on testers in almost every location.  This helps give them feedback on the crop or strain, to ensure it delivers as expected.

I went to my first one and realized that I had inadvertently moved to what would be a professional and personal heaven.

Ross runs a website where he posts his reviews online, you can find that here.  This helps the public even keep track of his tests, so they can seek the weed to best fit their needs.  We look to delivery a similar platform, but for people only in Las Vegas, who are seeking a delivery from a local dispensary.

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Alaskan Thunder Fuck Strain

Alaskan Thunder Fuck StrainAlaskan Thunder Fuck is a pure sativa strain. The trippy laugh provoking high hits soon after exhale, dub the Thunder fuck moniker. This strain is also known as Manatuska Thunder Fuck as it originated in Manatuska Valley in Alaska.  Known to have a creeper effect, the high can sneak up on a user.  It’s said to have a pine, menthol kinda smell, with light green coloring depending on density of the red hairs.

Find out even more information on this strain, with a Leafly post here. Everyone at the office loves Alaskan Thunder Fuck marijuana strain, but then again we love all strains!

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Anesthesia Strain

Anesthesia Weed StrainAnesthesia was included as a “ Breeder’s Choice “ selection for a reason. This indica strain hits strong and provides the user with a nice sedative buzz. Its medicinal benefits include pain and insomnia relief as its name suggests.  Some users claim a bit more dry mouth than usual with this strain, that is the only negative we have found.  Breeder “ Whazzup “ created this strain in 2007 by combining Afghani Skunk indica with Herojuana, and we are happy they did!

Leafly has done some tests with this Anesthesia weed strain, find out more information here.
 We look forward to see if the grower ” Whazzup ” comes out with anything new in the coming years.