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Meet the guy who gets paid to smoke weed

Russ Hudson the weed testerThe story was all the buzz in the past year of 2016, when Vice news did a story about American marijuana consultant Russ Hudson.  He tests the weed for high level dispensaries in Spain, from smell, to looks, flavor, effects, to even the duration of the high. Spain brags about its 300 plus cannabis clubs, that allow people to smoke with or without a license.  Some people are shocked such a job even exists, but expert dispensaries rely on testers in almost every location.  This helps give them feedback on the crop or strain, to ensure it delivers as expected.

I went to my first one and realized that I had inadvertently moved to what would be a professional and personal heaven.

Ross runs a website where he posts his reviews online, you can find that here.  This helps the public even keep track of his tests, so they can seek the weed to best fit their needs.  We look to delivery a similar platform, but for people only in Las Vegas, who are seeking a delivery from a local dispensary.

Brandon Yates

Brandon Yates is a fellow weed smoker who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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