Alaskan Thunder Fuck Strain

Alaskan Thunder Fuck StrainAlaskan Thunder Fuck is a pure sativa strain. The trippy laugh provoking high hits soon after exhale, dub the Thunder fuck moniker. This strain is also known as Manatuska Thunder Fuck as it originated in Manatuska Valley in Alaska.  Known to have a creeper effect, the high can sneak up on a user.  It’s said to have a pine, menthol kinda smell, with light green coloring depending on density of the red hairs.

Find out even more information on this strain, with a Leafly post here. Everyone at the office loves Alaskan Thunder Fuck marijuana strain, but then again we love all strains!

Anesthesia Strain

Anesthesia Weed StrainAnesthesia was included as a “ Breeder’s Choice “ selection for a reason. This indica strain hits strong and provides the user with a nice sedative buzz. Its medicinal benefits include pain and insomnia relief as its name suggests.  Some users claim a bit more dry mouth than usual with this strain, that is the only negative we have found.  Breeder “ Whazzup “ created this strain in 2007 by combining Afghani Skunk indica with Herojuana, and we are happy they did!

Leafly has done some tests with this Anesthesia weed strain, find out more information here.
 We look forward to see if the grower ” Whazzup ” comes out with anything new in the coming years.