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Weediquette by VICELAND

weediquette tv showThe show Weediquette is documentary television series airing on Viceland.  Following the host, and Vice correspondent, Krishna Andavolu as he explores weed related topics. In 2014 Andavolu interviewed Uruguayan President Jose Mujica on his farm in Uruguay and smoked a joint during the interview.  The show started taping in 2013, and first aired February 2016 with season one.

Currently season two is in the process of airing, Krishna Andavolu explores whose lives hang in the balance of our new pot paradigm.  Currently more and more states are legalizing marijuana for medical or recreational uses.  This even includes Nevada, and why we are starting to focus on Las Vegas weed delivery services.  So all in all, check out this great show for some great marijuana related topics.  It’s funny and informative, and a great show to watch while smoking pot.

Have fun and enjoy!

Brandon Yates

Brandon Yates is a fellow weed smoker who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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